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Customer Service Thought for the Day

Are your company’s processes designed for the convenience of the customer or for the convenience of the company? How would customers respond to that question?

Think about a process you can tweak (or overhaul) that will result in customers asking, “Why can’t other companies do it like yours?”

Customer Service and JetBlue

Many of you know that JetBlue, the discount airline, recently began charging $7 for pillows and blankets on flights over two hours. While they have received some negative press due to the move, I feel that JetBlue actually implemented the program pretty effectively by connecting the change to increased value. Pretty radical for an airline.

Jim Blasingame ShowSeveral radio programs have interviewed me on the subject this past week, including the show, “The Small Business Advocate,” hosted by Jim Blasingame. He asks about a few customer service related topics, which I hope you’ll find helpful, and we get into the JetBlue story about half-way through the interview.

Agree or disagree, I’d love to hear your comments!